Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make-Believe Mondays Announces Debra's First Book Launch!

Make-Believe Mondays is taking time out from interviews this week to announce the print release of Debra's first novel. A Desperate Journey is now available in print and the book launch party is set for Thursday April 2nd.

If you are in Memphis, TN on that date, I would love for you to join me.

Wed, April 1st, I will be over at the Samhain Cafe, posting excerpts and chatting from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am. Stop by and say hello!
Samhain Cafe

And, I have a contest going this week. Everyone who leaves a comment here on the Make-Believe Monday blog from Tue. April 1st to Sunday April 5th will be entered into a drawing for this beautiful candle. For the longest time I have dreamed of seeing my book in bookstores and now that this dream is taking flight, this candle symbolizes that for me. Thank you for celebrating with me and may all your dreams take flight too.


Regular author interviews will resume next week and I will announce the winner of the contest on Monday.


lastnerve said...

wow that is beautiful. It's Tuesday now so I will be at the Samhain cafe tomorrow. It's a rockin place to be!

Maggie J said...

That is very beautiful!!I'm glad your dream has come true.May the rest follow.

Maria Geraci said...

Enjoy your special day, Debra!

Rhonda said...

Congrats on your first book launch! The candle is beautiful.

PhyllisC said...

That is such a beautiful candle. Congrats on your book being published.

Julie Robinson said...


Congratulations on your debut print novel release! Wow, that is a dream come true---to hold that print book in your hands and see it on the shelves!! What a thrill for you. I'll bet you've been grinning all week :-)

I read the book excerpt and blurb, and your story sounds fantastic. You combine several issues in your story about balancing the scales of justice, along with trust and love.

Thanks for having your contest extended over a few days. I sometimes don't get to even check my email. And then when i do, the SC loop comes in digest form, which is usually a day late.

I would love to be entered in your debut print release contest. I collect figurine candles. I have 2 black cat candles, 2 rock candles, and 2 little bird candles sitting on bark.

Your Wing candle is gorgeous. It reminds me of a dove, and I love the saying that would go with it:" May all your dreams take flight." Just beautiful.

Congrats again.

Debra Parmley said...

lastnerve, Maggie, Maria, Rhonda, Phyllis and Julie,
thank you for the lovely comments and good wishes. It truly has been one of the most beautiful events in my life and your thoughts and words helped to make it so.

We have a winner today, but for all of you, my wish is that your dreams take flight as well.


Julie Robinson said...

Thank you Debra. I have no doubt you are still floating, so to speak :-)