Monday, May 19, 2008

Make-Believe Mondays With Diane Craver

Today on Make-Believe Mondays our guest is Diane Craver.

Diane, first, tell us a little bit about the manuscript you’re working on now.

Diane: I’m writing an inspirational romance right now. I don’t have a title yet, so I just call it my Mallory book. The main character Mallory is divorced and wants to get her ex-husband back. She never wanted a divorce in the first place and was crushed when it happened. She does something drastic in hopes he will want to marry her again. She has two good friends and I have plans to write a book about each girlfriend.

A publisher just requested a full manuscript of my book, Whitney in Charge so I’m hoping to have good news about that soon. It’s about three sisters starting a business. Also two sisters will stop at nothing to get their widowed sister dating again.

Debra: Fingers crossed that you'll hear good news soon.

Is there a point when your characters begin to come alive and you can see and hear them?

Diane: My characters become real to me quickly. My books are character-driven so I’m constantly thinking about the characters as I start a new book and what big scenes I want them to have in the book. They inject dialogue and ideas to me while I’m in the shower, driving, cooking, or right before I fall asleep. I jot down their thoughts and dialogue on paper so I have my notes when I get time to type on my computer. I’ve learned I can’t rely on my memory to remember everything.

Also when I write it’s neat how the characters take over and the story line I have in mind changes. In my Whitney book, a new character popped in to become a main romantic interest for the one sister.

Debra: Don't you love it when you get great dialog or scenes while in the shower? I sometimes wish I had a bar of soap that could write on the shower wall so I wouldn't lose them before I get done washing my hair. :-)

For some writers, dreams play a role in creating fiction. Has this been true for you? Have you ever dreamed a scene or an image that later wound up in one of your books?

Diane: I’m usually thinking of my wip when I fall to sleep, so I do seem to dream about the characters and use these ideas in my writing. Bits of my dreams have wound up in my books. The funny thing is I’ve noticed I have some interesting dreams if I eat ice cream before I go to bed. Okay, I do have a weakness for Dutch chocolate almond or cherry cordial ice cream, but eating ice cream in the evening does inspire some great dreams for me. :)

Debra: Oh, I'll have to try that one night. I wonder what kind of dreams mint chocolate chip would lead to? :-)

As a child did any particular book or author pull you into their imaginary world?

Diane: As a child I read Nancy Drew books, so was thrilled when I saw my chick-lit mystery, A Fiery Secret, listed on the same page with Nancy Drew books on different online sites. I also remember loving Black Beauty and it definitely drew me into the whole world of cruel masters vs. the kind owners. The summer after 7th grade I was bored and read my sister’s copy of Gone With The Wind. It made a big impact on me and my desire to write.

Debra: Oh, that had to be extremely thrilling. Nancy Drew was one of my favorites too.

Is there anything else you would like to add about the role of imagination, and dreams in creating fiction? Any other message for our readers?

Diane: Please visit my website at
and my blog at I have excerpts of my three books published by Samhain. I also have book trailers, review quotes, recipes, website contests and monthly blog contests, and giveaways.

Debra, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to tell about my books and writing. It was fun.

Debra: Thank you, Diane, for joining us here on this Make-believe Monday to share a little bit of the magic of writing with our readers. It's been a pleasure.

Debra's news/Debra is watching

I'm very excited this week because my book cover just went up on the Samhain website! Now I'll be able to post it on my website and blog, so stay tuned for it to appear here next week.


Marianne Arkins said...

LOL... Diane, I WISH ice cream gave me inspiration at night. All it does is give me heartburn *G*

Great interview!

Dru said...

Great interview. It always fascinates me how authors/writers come up with insprirations for the characters while doing everyday activities.

Diane Craver said...

That's too bad. I get heartburn from a lot of things but fortunately, not ice cream.

I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.

mamasand2 said...

Diane, your Mallory book sounds very interesting. I am always amazed to hear how the characters for a story seem to jump in and help direct the path the book takes. I can't even imagine coming up with ideas for a book and being able to flesh out all the characters in it.
However you do it, please keep it up.


Diane Craver said...

Thank you so much for the kind comments. I've had a few people read a little of my Mallory book and they have really liked it, so that's encouraging.

I'm always suprised, too, how my characters take over. LOL

N.J.Walters said...

Great interview, Diane. I wish ice cream inspired my dreams. *g* I wonder can you write off the cost as a writing expense on your taxes? :-)

Diane Craver said...
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Patty L. said...

Great interview Diane. Have a great day and enjoy a bowl of ice cream for me, it's not allowed in my new diet. LOL

Cindy K. Green said...

I really think this book sounds fascinating, Diane. I grew up loving Nancy Drew too. (I still have the books.) :)


Jo Webnar said...

This is a great interview. I love finding out about fellow authors. I'm one of those people who let their character take them to strange and wonderful places.

Diane Craver said...

Oops - I left the comment early this morning for Sandie and saw later it never was posted so did it again!

~N.J., I never thought of that - I should see about writing off an expense for my ice cream! :)

~Patty, I shouldn't be eating it either. I need to lose weight. You're a stronger woman than I am.

~Cindy, I kept my books, too. Unfortunately, I bet mine are a great deal older than yours. :)

~Jo,I know - it's so much fun to learn more about fellow authors. Glad to know your characters are bossy, too.

Thanks everyone - your names are entered in my contest. This is fun!

Miss Mae said...

Hi Diane,

Ooh, that's an interesting tidbit about the ice cream and dreams. Now tell that a scoop with or without the chocolate fudge sauce?..LOL..


Diane Craver said...

Miss Mae,

Hello...glad you visited.

If it's vanilla ice cream, then I definitely have to have chocolate fudge sauce. Sometimes I squirt whipped cream on top. Now I'm really hungry for ice cream, and we don't have any in the freezer.

windycindy said...

Wonderful interview, Diane! I like ice cream at night too! Cindi

a Pendragon said...

I like ice cream too. I've got some Mocha Mudslide in my freezer.

Thanks for reminding me! I'm gonna go eat it.


Jane Richardson, writer said...

Another woman who gets all her best ideas in the shower!! I hear you, Diane! Great interview, love the excuse for ice-cream at bedtime! all the best to you for the future :)

Jane x

Diane Craver said...

Hi Cindi and D.N.,
Glad to hear you both like ice cream. Thanks for stopping by!

Sarita Leone said...

I love this interview! Great job!

Lots of luck with the new release.

Me? I'm off to dish up some ice cream...

Have a great day! :)

Cherie J said...

Wonderful interview! You all are making me hungry with all this talk about ice cream. Your Mallory story sounds really good Diane.

Diane Craver said...

Jane, Sarita and Cherie,

Thanks for your kind support.

Back when I dated my future husband, I used to make him stop at Dairy Queen restaurants to get ice cream cones. He couldn't understand why I liked ice cream so much. Guess what? He loves ice cream as much as I do now. :)

Diane Craver said...

Thank you to everyone for the great comments this week and for taking the time to stop by. Thanks again, Debra, for interviewing me.

Congrats to Sarita. I drew your name for my Make-Believe Mondays contest. Email me the address you'd like the $5 GC to Samhain sent to - Thanks!

I have giveaways on my blog so be sure to visit me.

Debra Parmley said...

You're quite welcome, Diane. It's been a pleasure.

Well, I believe I'm going to have to pay a visit to the local Baskin Robbins this weekend. All this talk of ice cream has me craving it! :-)

Have a lovely weekend!