Monday, January 28, 2008

Make-Believe Mondays with Cindi Myers

Today on Make-Believe Mondays, our guest is Cindi Myers.

Cindi,first, tell us a little about the manuscript you're working om now.

Cindi: I’m currently working on the third book in a series of romantic comedies set in Crested Butte, Colorado that I’m writing for Harlequin American. The second book in the series, The Right Mr. Wrong, is in stores Feb. 12. I’m not sure yet when the third book will be out. I’m also reviewing galleys for a book I have out in June, A Soldier Comes Home and revising a book that will be out in December.

Debra: The Right Mr. Wrong is an intriguing title and it's coming out during ski reason, so there's a book to curl up with by the fire in the lodge..

Ray Bradbury said, “We are cups, constantly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out. How do you keep your creative cup filled?

Cindi: I think it's really important to have a life outside of writing - to have other interests and activities, and to get out in the world to interact with other people. It's so easy to spend too much time in our own little world. I take a weekly dance class, am involved in my church, belong to a knitting group, and am an avid skier. Exercise is another good way to recharge. Unless the weather is really nasty, I walk by dogs 2-3 miles every day, and hike or ski on the weekends. Getting out in the fresh air really clears away the cobwebs and gets my mind moving again.

Debra: Oh, I agree. It's wonderful how you can be a little fussy on something to do with your story and once you work your body a bit, whether it be dance or a good long walk, the answers suddenly appear.

Cindi: I also think it’s a good idea to let your inner kid come out and play sometimes. I keep crayons and modeling clay on my desk. When I’m stuck for an idea or everything feels stale, I’ll start playing around with these toys. It’s as if another section of my brain kicks in when I start to play this way.

Debra: (Well, I confess. I have a brand new box of crayons just waiting for that day when I need them) :-) It is so important to play.

Is there a point when your characters begin to come alive and you can see and hear them?

Cindi: I've noticed an interesting phenomenon among the writers I know. There are those who see their stories, like movies playing in their head. They know exactly what their characters and their settings look like.

I, on the other hand, hear my characters. I very rarely picture them, but I definitely hear their dialogue, and I hear the sounds of the setting – ocean waves, automobile traffic, etc. I’m not sure why this is, except that I had very poor eyesight as a child and it wasn’t discovered for several years. By then I think I’d grown accustomed to relying on my ears rather than my eyes and this has translated into my writing.

Debra: Fascinating. Yes, I can see certain phenomenon emerging now that I'm going into my third year doing author interviews here Certain things are mentioned again and again..

For some writers, dreams play a role in creating fiction. Has this been true for you? Have you ever dreamed a scene or an image that later wound up in one of your books?

Cindi: I have dreamed plots and scenes and bits of dialogue. Usually the dreams having nothing to do with the work in progress. But I have filed away dreams to use later. The beginning and some subsequent scenes of my September 2006 book, Fear of Falling, were originally dreams I wrote down and saved to use later.

Debra: How interesting. Many of us keep dream journals. This is one of the patterns I see..

As a child did any particular book or author pull you into their imaginary world?

Cindi: I read all of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books when I was 8 and 9, and decided then and there that I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to create worlds and carry people away to them.

Debra: Cindi, is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Cindi: Readers can visit me on the web at or

I’m also a member of the Deadline Hellions Blog

Thank you, Cindi, for joining us here on this Make-believe Monday to share a little bit of the magic of writing with our readers.

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Diane Craver said...

Great interview, Cindi & Debra!

Cait London said...

How interesting! Crayons are great stress relievers and so is getting out and away from a writer's desk. It's said that writers need to experience life, before they can write about it, and I really try to take time away from my desk, tho I may be on deadline.