Saturday, June 23, 2007

Make-Believe Mondays With Rene Lyons

Today on Make-Believe Mondays our guest is Rene Lyons.

Rene, first, tell us a little bit about the manuscript you're working on now.

Renee: I'm working on finishing up The Awakening, which is my first endeavor with Tease Publishing. Also, I've started Eternal Sin, the fourth installment of the templar Vampire series for Samhain and an untitled book that's the first in the Order of the Rose. That one I plan on shopping around to an agent.

Debra: Plenty of stories in the works, then. Fingers crossed for you on the agent search.

Ray Bradbury said, "We are cups, constantly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out." How do you keep your creative cup filled?

For me, it's all about mood. I play music. I look at certain art. (Luis Royo is my favorite artist) or I just watch one of my favorite movies such as Kingdom of Heaven or Braveheart. One of those things usually works!

Debra: You are right about mood being essential. Music and art calling forth those responses and the creative flow.

For some writers, dreams play a role in creating fiction. Has this been true for you? Have you ever dreamed a scene or image that later wound up in one of your books?

Rene: Oh my God, all the time! My books usually play out like little movies inside my head that I then try to write down as accurately as possible.

Debra: It's funny how so many of us do this, those little movies playing. For me it's like a daydream sometimes.

As a child did any particular book or author pull you into their imaginary world?

Rene: When I was really young it was The Last Unicorn. As I grew up and discovered romance novels, I have to go with Saving Grace by Julie Garwood. That book just drew me in and to this day, hasn't let me go.

Debra: Then I simply must read that one.

If there were no categories for books, no reader expectations to meet, and you could create the wildest work of imagination that you could think of what kind of story would that be?

Rene: I've done that with my Templar Vampires. With them, I've found my imagination. I plan on going further with their world with the Order of the Rose.

Debra: I look forward to reading it.

Is there anything else you would like to add about the role of imagination, and dreams in creating fiction? Any other message for our readers?

Rene: Never be afraid to write what you feel. You'll never know where it might take you!

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Rene, thank you for joining us here on this Make-Believe Monday to share a little bit of the magic of writing wi our readers.

Rene: Thank you for having me!

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